How to Link a Google Form to a Google Slide

Do you use Google Forms as an assessment tool in your classroom? I am sharing a step-by-step tutorial on how to easily link a Google Form to a Google Slide digital resource. This enables student’s easy access to assessments in Google Forms. 

The first step in linking a Google Form to a Google Slide is to open and create a template in Google Slides. I like to include text in my Slide that includes “Click Here.”

Once you have created your Google Slide template open the Google Form that you wish to link to. 

Once you have opened the Google Form click on “Send” located in the top right hand corner. 

Next, click on the link icon. Then, check the box “Shorten URL.” Then, click “Copy”

Next, return to your Google Slide template. Click on the shape tool and select a shape. I chose the rectangle shape. Drag the shape around the object you would like to link to. 

Next, click and highlight the shape. Then, click on the paint tool and select “transparent.”

Next, click on the line tool. Then, click on “Transparent.”

Next, click on the shape you created. Then, click the link icon and paste the URL then click “Apply.”

Now, when students click on the object a link to your Google Form will appear.