Create a PDF with a Force Copy Link in Google Drive

Do you wish there was an easier way to assign digital resources to your students through Google Drive? I am here to share my number one tip on how to easily create a PDF with an embedded automatic download link in Google Slides. 

Don’t know how to create a force copy link in Google Drive? No problem. Check out my last post here. Or watch my YouTube video to learn how. 

The first step in creating a PDF with an embedded automatic download link is creating a force copy link using the steps provided in my previous post or YouTube video. 

Once you have created a force copy link you can move on to the following steps. First, open a new Google Slide. Create a title or object in which students can click on. 

Next, locate the shapes tool. Select a shape that best fits the title or object you wish students to click on. I chose the rectangle shape. 

Next, drag the shape you chose to outline your title or object. 

Your title or object should look like this. 

Next, find and clip on the paint tool located on the tool bar. Then, click on transparent.

The background of your shape will become transparent. Then, click on the shape to highlight. Next, click on the line tool located to the right on the paint tool. Then click transparent. 

Next, click on the shape to highlight. Click on the “insert link” tool located in the tool bar. 

Next, copy and paste your forced copy link into the box and click apply.

The final step in this process is to save the Google Slide as a PDF. To do this click on “File” scroll down to “Download” then select “PDF Document.”

Once your PDF is downloaded it is ready to share with students. When student’s click on the title that I chose they will be directed to create a copy of the link I embeded.